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Automatic Solder Mixing Machine
Product ID: XJS-200A

    It is a solder paste mixer with high capacity of solder paste mixing. It utilizes step mixing function to prepare optimal viscosity substrate under controlled temperature conditions.

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a) Music alarming function!

b) Forced air-cooling motor, withstanding higher temperature!

c) With high automation, stable function, simple operation and easy to understand, high safety factor, simple and quick maintenance.

d) With unique shape design--beautiful, generous, practical, and adoping advanced stoving varnish.

e) Its mixing principle is based on the mixing method of motor's geometric revolution and rotation. No need to warm the cooled paste when taking out from the refrigerator, the mixer can warm the solder paste in a short time and simultaneously stirring smoothly to use.

f) Appling for 500g solder paste from a variety of brands, can mix two cans at the same time-saving mixing time and improving productivity.

g) No need to opening the solder paste boxs when mixing, to avoiding oxidated and absorbing water vapor.

h) The airtight mixing can fix the running time, to ensure the stability of soft paste and mixed with old paste, can also obtain relatively new paste.

i) This machine adopts JSS48B series time relay control, with simple operation and high reliability.

Technical Specification:

Voltage                                                : AC 220V
Revolution                                          : 450 rev/min
Rotation                                              : 900 rev/min

Dimension                                          : 390×390×390mm
Delay Accuracy (set value)               : delay error <0.1%, repeat delay error <0.1%, no effect when voltage changing across AC85-264V
Reset type                                          : power reset
Control type                                       : power delay
Repeat movement                             : intervals of not less than 0.5s

Output capacity                                 : AC250V 3A; DC24V 3A (resistive)

Insulation strength                            : 100MΩ /500DC
Dielectric strength                             : 2.5 kV / min.  

Supply voltage                                  : DC12V  DC24V –5~+10%     AC85-264V  AC24V  AC12V

Lifespan                                             : 1﹡1000000  Electric endurance: 5﹡100000
Power Consumption                         : MAX300W
Ambient temperature                        : -23℃-60℃
Ambient humidity                              : 35-80%RH