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High Speed 8 Heads SMT Pick and Place machine
Product ID: XJS-S108

    We manufacture high quality SMT Pick and Place Machine to fullfill the high demand of Rapidely Growing India SMT automation industry. This machin is availble with the below mention specification: 

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Product Features:

A. all the material of X axis, Y axis and material feed platform are made by overseas CNC brushed aluminum which has improved the running accuracy and feeding speed.
B. Two kinds of  visual location system,there is Mark locating visual system in the upside while there is importing camera components location adjust recognition system which can insure the accuracy of SMT.
C. The Z axis was powered by 8 overseas servomotors and made by CNC brushed aluminum rod which insured the high-speed material feed.
D. Powerful function: with different material feeder, it can finish different SMT for led product.
E. Easy operation system:
F. Easy maintenance: it is very easy to maintain with its simple operation system. The maintenance cost is very low.
G. The software, PCB board and other components are developed by Xinjiusheng,with independent intellectual property rights.

Product  Applications:

  • LED house lighting: LED tube, LED bulb, LED  ceiling light, led panel, led candle light
  • LED lighting product: soft led strip, led strip, led module
  • LED screen.

Reference Specifications:

A) control system: industrial PC+ accurately moving control card+ famous brand lcd monitor                        

B) Software system: Independent research and development by Xinjiusheng

C) Motor: original Panasonic servomotor

D) SMT nozzle: Independent research and development Variety of models SMT nozzle.

E) Slider equipment: CNC brushed aluminum rod + linear slider

F) Visual equipment: MARK recognition system

G) Feeder:  Yamaha Pneumatic feeder





Max  PCB size


Max moving range of Z axis


Max moving range of PCB slider platform


Max pick and place speed


Stable pick and place speed


Pick and place accuracy


Buffering range of SMT nozzle



220V, 50Hz

Control mode


air pressure


average power


tape feeder

8、12、16、24mm feeder

applicable components

1.0603-7474 resistance and capacitance 

3. all kinds of high power chips are available

Feeder quantity



original Panasonic AC servomotor

pick and place header

8 heads

power engine

advanced AC servomotor

Components location angle

0-360° degree, automatically adjust during feeding

X/Y moving mode

New generation  linear insert linkage control system

air source

 importing  vacuum ejector

control system

Independent research and development by Xinjiusheng

program method

point by point copy program, visual program, can update




2000mm *1100mm *1300mm