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Touchscreen Double-wave Lead-free Soldering Machine
Product ID: WS-300DS

    Double-Wave Lead-Free Soldering Machine
    Model: WS-300DS
    Brand: XJS Electronics
    Capacity: 200-260Kg

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1. Streamlined body design, using spray technology is not to drop paint, beautiful and durable.

2. 3 sections of 1.5 m independent preheating zone, all hot air preheating, so that PCB to obtain a good welding effect.

3. The patent titanium claw chain, non-stick tin, never deformation, long life.

4. Have two observation windows, elegant appearance, easy operation, and maintenance.

5. Furnace lift and out, combining auto and manual adjustment.

6. Equipped with a cooling module, temperature compensation module, suitable for lead-free solder and a variety of process requirements.

7. The design of furnace uses an adjustable spout; low tin slag oxidation, using liquid tin-flow design principles, to reduce the impact of tin oxide, crest width can be adjusted with the PCB, adjustable distance about 80-300MM, it is greatly reducing the oxidation of PCB soldering tin.

8. The transmission mechanism using a sophisticated modular design, drive accurate, long life, easy maintenance.

9. Rosin spray device can be pulled out, and a removable, easy to clean and maintain.

10. The isolated spray device, flux fumes discharged from the dedicated air duct.

11. Powerful features, various PCB parameters can invoke operations on demand.

12. Using touchscreen + SIEMENS PLC control system to ensure reliability and stability.

13. The user can set the date, time and temperature parameters to automatic switch machine regularly.

14. The heating temperature using PID closed-loop control, temperature stable and reliable.

15. The closed-loop automatic tracking spray systems, spray width and spray time is automatically adjusted or according to the needs and set up in advance and extend the spray time.

16. In order to minimize the tin oxide, can be set to the economic operation and automatically play through the plate-wave mode.